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Underworld Connections

Pavor Baggio

Age: 300
Gender: Male
Species: Demon Hedgehog
Abilities: Poison, psychic
Bio: Meant to follow in the footsteps of his mother, he ended up doing anything but that. Running away from the underworld to settle on the upper amongst mortals. Though communication had always been tricky due to being born mute. Pavor's powers allowing for speech with others through touch until recently when he was given a magic bracelet. Despite his attitude and often aggressive ways, underneath lays a very insecure and warm person that just takes a while to uncover. Croak.
First Appearance: #001
Gueton Versil

Age: 102
Gender: Male
Species: Goat Demon
Abilities: Umbrakinesis (Darkness manipulation), portal magic
Bio: Despite being born to a powerful demon lord and being a prodigy at using dark magic, rather than actually harness his hidden potential, he instead settled to being a man of the commonfolk and the voice of the people. Gueton holds very little demonic instinct inside of him, and is more than content to talk his way out of situations than resort to violence. A charismatic charmer with a silky smooth voice and also a man who's guilty pleasure is the more exquisite side of life, he currently teaches philosophy at a local university. And he has a tendency to monologue.
First Appearance: #002